A six-month program that will teach you how to write your own meaningful, expressive and catchy guitar solos.

Become a guitar solo craftsman
Are you ready to write the guitar solos you’ve always dreamed of?

I will teach you how to create guitar solos that are meaningful and catchy, while transforming you as a guitarist and musician along the way.

Learn the right tools to be able to craft melodies that will leave an everlasting impression.

Can you say yes to any of this?

What is TGSC?

The TGSC is a six-month program that focuses on helping you develop the skills needed to create your own expressive guitar solos.

A guitar solo is simply defined as being an instrumental passage or section in a piece of music. It’s the moment where the guitarist in any type of musical setting or genre really shines through and speaks their true inner voice.

But how do you even begin writing a guitar solo?

Guitar solos are written through a process called improvisation. 

Improvisation is loosely defined as the spontaneous creation of musical ideas in real time. It’s the moment where your true emotions speak through the instrument combined with an array of different techniques and delivery. 

During this process, you will likely come across a few ideas that really stand out and feel right. These are ideas that were created in the moment, and they speak your true inner voice, containing raw passion and emotion. 

You want to be able to take those ideas and construct them in a meaningful way and viola: you have yourself a guitar solo that’s meaningful and created from something that is true and fuelled with passion. 

That's where I come in...

I will give you everything you need to have the ability to improvise freely and create guitar solos that shine and channel your creativity in the right way! My experience and knowledge will help you achieve this in six-months.

This could easily take years on your own!

By the end of this course, you will be able to create and craft guitar solos that are melodic, meaningful, and catchy!

George Alevrofas

You will learn:

Ready to take the next step?

How to get started:

The program is made up of a combination of pre-recorded material, private one on one lessons, group workshops and consistent instruction.

These aren’t your average guitar lessons: this is a course that gives you everything you need in a six-month time to become a better guitarist and soloist on the instrument.

Send me an email to set up a free 30-minute video call where you can hear all the details you need to know.

Meet your teacher

I’m George!
A well-educated & experienced musician

I am a guitar teacher and perfomer. I have a master’s degree of Music in Classical Guitar and I have more than 20 years of experience playing the guitar and more than 10 years of private teaching experience.

I thrive from teaching others whatever they need in order to successfully achieve their musical goals. 

Guitar is my ultimate passion in life, and I want to help you reach your goals on the instrument with all the knowledge I have to offer.

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George is an exceptional teacher! I have had the chance to take lessons from him, and both his patience and talent have opened my eyes to music.

He knows how to make you feel comfortable in his lessons, which is very important. He has a great passion for music and it can’t help but rub off on you. I was very happy to play with him and that’s why I highly recommend him.

Shenali Thevhara, Denmark


George is a true professional when it comes to musical knowledge, performance, and education. His passion for music not only shows in his personality but also in his lessons. He teaches with patience and diligence.

Training with George will not only make you a better guitar player but will make you an overall better musician. I highly recommend George for any level of playing and style.

Tyler Wicker, USA


George is a fantastic guitarist in many different styles, but also a patient and inspiring teacher. He’s a great guy to be around and I look forward to our lessons every time.

As I live in France for part of the year, we’ve had lessons online and George is perfect on the technical side, as well as being present as a teacher despite the distance between us.

Kenneth Petersen, Denmark/France