Testimonial from Luke
“While it is obvious George’s musical talents stretch far beyond the beginner level, he was able to break down the fundamentals for a beginner guitarist, allowing me to advance to advance dramatically in a short period. George custom tailored his teaching towards my musical interests and made the whole experience sensational.”
Luke Laidlaw
Former guitar student
Testimonial from Brian
“George is a fantastic guitarist with a lot of energy, but at the same time he is calm and patient. I enjoy sharing the stage with you.”
Brian Baden
Band member, Guns N' Roses-Jam
"When you have turned 64 and feel like learning to play the guitar again after more than 45 years with very few prerequisites, it takes finding a good and patient guitar teacher.

George Alevrofas is the teacher who suits me. He is a skilled musician and teacher who is able to learn from himself in a good and patient way. Whether you are experienced or beginning, I can definitely recommend George."
Kenneth S. P.
Guitar student
Testimonial from Adam
“George Alevrofas played beautiful classical guitar for my wedding. It added beauty to an especially important day and made it even more wonderful. I highly recommend him for weddings, events, and guitar lessons.”
Adam Wines
Former band member and peer
Testimonial from Tyler
“George is a true professional when it comes to musical knowledge, performance, and education. His passion for music not only shows in his personality but also in his lessons. He teaches with patience and diligence. Training with George will not only make you a better guitar player but will make you an overall better musician. I highly recommend George for any level of playing and style.”
Tyler Wicker
Former guitar student and peer
"George is patient and a great guitar teacher. He is a skilled musician who is able to teach me in an educational and patient way. 60 minutes fly by in no time with him. Whatever your level or age, I highly recommend George."
Brian N.
Guitar student
Testimonial from Trine
“My goal with the guitar lessons I have received from George has been to refresh my guitar playing, which I stopped when I was 15 years old - and also to be able to read sheet music again.

My goal has been fully met, as I have developed my guitar playing to that extent. George is extremely adept at working concentrated and purposeful with his students' goals in a motivating and positive way.

He has a great deal of knowledge and skill in the field, and in addition he is very keen to make sure that you are constantly evolving in your game and that you feel happy about it. He is very good at making sure that you are true to your own goals and wishes in the process, and he also manages to encourage and inspire you to build more competence in relation to level.

I can only give George my warmest recommendations as a guitar teacher.”
Trine Monrad
Former guitar student

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