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Capture your musical ideas

Any riff or musical “seed” can quickly turn into a full-length song. It doesn’t take much more than that to start the creative process. One good idea turns into another, and so on. When those ideas are developed and ready to be recorded, the process really takes a turn!

Hearing your ideas recorded and played back for you can help with inspiration in writing more melodies, chord progressions, etc. It’s the best feeling to finally document whatever you’ve been working on. It gets out of your head and digitally captured, so that you can focus on whatever is next.

It’s the best feeling to finally document whatever you’ve been working on. It gets out of your head and digitally captured, so that you can focus on whatever is next.

Coaching & producing

Do you have an awesome riff or a good intro, but struggle in developing the idea further? Have you written the best chorus and hook ever, but you don’t know how to connect it to a verse or perhaps a break or a bridge? Stuck on writing a good solo for that chord progression you’ve worked so hard on?

I can help you with coaching and production with whatever you need. Having someone on the outside help you and push you along can really have a huge positive impact on your musical ideas. 

You’re the artist and the one who’s making the recording – I’m there to support and help you utilize your skills to the highest level possible. With my experience and training, I have the tools available for you to improve:

Experienced and well-trained musician

I have over ten years of using Logic Pro X, so I know the ins and outs of the program. I use it to capture my own ideas and make them come to life. I’ve recently been involved in recording the guitar and bass for my band Skarnet’s upcoming album. So rest assured – you’re in good hands with whatever you’re recording.

Being an experienced musician and guitarist myself, you can count on me as a recording engineer and musical coach/producer. My knowledge in music creation and arrangement can certainly help and support you in your creative process.

My recording services

Half session (4 hours) = 1200 kr incl VAT
Full session (8 hours) = 2000 kr incl VAT


Track your instruments

Track your guitars, bass, or keyboards for your upcoming project/album


Band or solo artist

Recording for bands and solo artists, demo, or a full-length album


All genres and styles

Any genre/style is welcome.


Logic pro X software

I use Logic Pro X for recording, mixing, and mastering


Pro sound and quality

I record in 44 kHz, 16 and 24 bit with professional quality and sound


No drums?
No problem

No drums? I’ll program them for you using Superior Drummer 3


No bass?
No problem

No bass? I’ll program them for you using EZ Bass


Work on existing tracks

Recording from scratch, or building upon your existing tracks (prerecorded drums)


Snacks and water incl.

I provide water, soda, fruit, and other snacks during the recording process.


Ready for streaming

I’ll make your track ready for streaming services, YouTube, etc.


Unlimited sound presets

Access to hundreds of studio ready presets with my Kemper Profiler


Coach and producer

I also produce/offer coaching for whatever you’re doing (included in pricing)

Book a session

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AG Studio services cost 1200 kr for half a session (4 hours) and 2000 kr for a full session (8 hours).