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Customized guitar lessons

Learn the music that makes you thrive

Learn to play rock

Whether if it’s a classic riff or a set of chords – you will learn to rock! I will teach you your favorite tune or even how to make your own!

Learn to play classical

Learn to understand and interpret sheet music while getting familiar with basics of the classical guitar technique.

Learn to play Hard rock

Learn how to use drop tunings, heavier chord voicings, palm muting and alternate picking.

Learn to play Metal

It’s time to get down and dirty with learning the proper riffs, right- and left-hand techniques and theory to get you playing your preferred style of metal.

Lesson packages


Basic is for students who want to keep it simple and who don’t need personalized video reviews after the lesson. If you’re an easy learner, this is for you! All my Basic packages include PDFs and materials

Single lesson


5 lesson package


10 lesson package


Lesson packages


With Premium you get a video review after each lesson uploaded to a personal folder on Dropbox or Google Drive… this means a one-on-one lesson and a custom-tailored video for every lesson – two for the price of one! With Premium you have access to all of your video lessons whenever you want. Lastly, Premium packages also include guitar setup and cleaning.

Single lesson


5 lesson package


10 lesson package


Have Any Questions?


If you didn’t find an answer to your question, feel free to send me an email.

Yes, bring your own instrument, whichever type is agreed upon for the lessons. Also, a tuner is recommended (whether an app or a physical one). If you don’t own one, I will gladly recommend and steer you in the direction of purchasing a suitable one.

Be realistic in your learning goals. I’ll give you all of my knowledge possible. I’ll help you with anything I can. Also, be patient. All good things take time.

What you put into it is what you’ll ultimately get out of it in the end. Therefore, we will talk about the proper practice methods and recommended time / exercises.

Yes, of course! And the more you buy, the more you save. If you buy a package of five lessons, you save 5%, you save 10% on 10 lesson packages, 15% when purchasing a 15 lesson package, and 20 % when buying 20 lessons. (20 lessons is my biggest package).

Come on time! When you buy the lessons, it’s your time. You can be up to 15 minutes late, but that means your lesson time for that day is shorter. If you arrive 20 minutes or more late, your lesson gets cancelled without reimbursement.

Everything is the same minus the physical interaction. The lessons normally take place over Microsoft Teams. Make sure to have a strong internet connection.

I will change your strings, as well as oil and polish your guitar and fretboard, and basically making sure everything is working and sounding like it should. 

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    Additional information, terms and conditions

    The invoice is to be paid prior to the start of the first lesson. The expiration date for the lessons will always be clearly written on the invoice. The lessons and dates written in the invoice are confirmed once the invoice is paid.

    • The package of 5 lessons is valid for three months after the invoice is paid.
    • The package of 10 lessons is valid for four months after the invoice is paid.
    • The package of 15 lessons is valid for five months after the invoice is paid.
    • The package of 20 lessons is valid for six months after the invoice is paid.

    All lessons are one hour in length. You can choose to have longer lessons if you wish, but it must be agreed beforehand.

    All lessons take place at my apartment in Kongens Lyngby until further notice.

    All lessons are non-refundable.

    Sickness and Cancellation

    We all get sick and unexpected things come up, but there need to be some limits and exceptions on the number of cancellations.

    If a guitar lesson is cancelled less than 20 hours* before the lesson starts, the teacher is not required neither to refund the payment nor to reschedule it. This condition might not apply to acute medical reasons.

    *If the student gets sick, the teacher must be informed at least 8 hours before the lesson starts, so the teacher has the possibility to reschedule the lesson during the same week either on location or online.

    If the teacher cancels because of sickness or an emergency, then the lesson is automatically rescheduled without affecting the student at all.

    Acute illness or emergencies, (in other words, cancelling on the day of lesson with an unexpected illness or emergency) may be excused two times in total.

    If you go on vacation, the lessons will be frozen and to be continued when you return. I wish you a good vacation!

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