Guitar lessons

Customized guitar lessons

Learn the music that makes you thrive


Whether if it’s a classic riff or a set of chords – you will learn to rock! I will teach you your favorite tune or even how to make your own!


Learn to understand and interpret sheet music while getting familiar with basics of the classical guitar technique.

Hard rock

Learn how to use drop tunings, heavier chord voicings, palm muting and alternate picking.


It’s time to get down and dirty with learning the proper riffs, right- and left-hand techniques and theory to get you playing your preferred style of metal.

My lessons include:

    • Tailored, customized, and one-to-one guitar lessons.
    • Supplied materials such as chord diagrams, scale sheets, TABS, sheet music, etc.
    • Video reviews of lessons/topics whenever necessary.
    • In-depth analysis of whatever music you’re learning.
    • I also provide online lessons over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype.

You are expected to:

  • Bring your own instrument, whichever type is agreed upon for the lessons.
  • Practice! What you put into it is what you’ll ultimately get out of it in the end.
  • Come on time! When you buy the lessons, it’s your time! If you come late, then that means your lesson time for that day is shorter.
  • Be realistic in your learning goals. I’ll give you all of my knowledge possible. I’ll help you with anything I can… but you set the bar in the end.
  • Be patient. All good things take time.

Lesson prices

Additional information

If you buy a package of five, you save 10%, equaling 1575 DKK in total. Lessons must be held within a 15-week span.

If you buy a package of ten, you save 15%, equaling 2975 DKK in total. Lessons must be held within a 25-week span.

Lessons expire after the allotted time span has passed.

As a starting point, all lessons take place at my studio in Søborg. But I can also drive up to 5 km to teach the lesson remotely at your home. It costs an extra 100 DKK per lesson

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