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I provide customized guitar lessons covering a broad range of genres

I have created a new intensive program for you who is ready to take your guitar solos to the next level: The Guitar Solo Craftsman.

The course is a six-month program that focuses on helping you develop the skills needed to create your own expressive guitar solos.

I will teach you how to create guitar solos that are meaningful and catchy, while transforming you as a guitarist and musician along the way.

Learn the right tools to be able to craft melodies that will leave an everlasting impression.


Learn to play the music that makes you thrive

Play Video about Playing on a Les Paul Traditional guitar

Guitar Lessons
For All Levels



When beginning to learn the guitar, we will cover the fundamentals and learn the necessary tools to get you started on the right path. It’s never too late to get started, and there’s the right path for everyone.



Many people who have some experience in playing the guitar often get “stuck” and need some more guidance in their development on the guitar. I will get you to that next level and break through any barrier that’s holding you back.



You are an experienced guitarist who’s looking to further improve on a particular set of skills. It’s beneficial to learn some new skills or even a different approach to your understanding on the instrument.

Hello, I am George! I am a guitar teacher and perfomer. I have a master’s degree of Music in Classical Guitar and I have more than 20 years of experience playing the guitar and more than 10 years of private teaching experience.
George Alevrofas
Guitar Teacher & Performer
Experienced musician

Guitar teacher
and performer


I teach private lessons in guitar, covering classical, acoustic, and electric. Learn how to play your favorite melodies or improve on the techniques of the string instrument.


Let me make your special day even more memorable by playing beautiful tunes at your wedding. I also perform at restaurants, bars, cafés, churches, and other venues.

Classical guitar music is the perfect complement to almost every type of event. From casual parties to high-end formal events.

Electric, classical, and acoustic

My teaching is tailored to suit you

All my lessons are tailored, customized, and one-to-one, to ensure the best results.


Whether if it’s a classic riff or a set of chords – you will learn to rock! Whether it’s learning your favorite tune or even making your own!


It’s time to get down and dirty with learning the proper riffs, right- and left-hand techniques and theory to get you playing your preferred style of metal.


Learn to understand and interpret sheet music while getting familiar with basics of the classical guitar technique.


Get started right away with learning the 12-bar blues and how to successfully improvise and understand your way through it.


By learning a specific set of chords, I can help you work through any jazz standard by utilizing the concepts of voice leading and jazz theory.


Learn how to play your favorite pop song by getting familiar with the specifics that give this genre its main characteristics. 

What you Say
About Me

Testimonial from Luke
“While it is obvious George’s musical talents stretch far beyond the beginner level, he was able to break down the fundamentals for a beginner guitarist, allowing me to advance to advance dramatically in a short period. George custom tailored his teaching towards my musical interests and made the whole experience sensational.”
Luke Laidlaw
Former guitar student
Testimonial from Jonathan
“George Alevrofas is a great communicator in everything he does, whether it is performing solo, collaborating with other musicians, or teaching guitar at any level. He plays the guitar with a wide range of color and dynamics, and every time he plays, he makes us love the guitar afresh..”
Jonathan Leathwood
Chair of Guitar and Harp, the Lamont School of Music
Testimonial from Adam
“George Alevrofas played beautiful classical guitar for my wedding. It added beauty to an especially important day and made it even more wonderful. I highly recommend him for weddings, events, and guitar lessons.”
Adam Wines
Former band member and peer
Testimonial from Tyler
“George is a true professional when it comes to musical knowledge, performance, and education. His passion for music not only shows in his personality but also in his lessons. He teaches with patience and diligence. Training with George will not only make you a better guitar player but will make you an overall better musician. I highly recommend George for any level of playing and style.”
Tyler Wicker
Former guitar student and peer

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